Cochon 555 Heritage Fire 2012

On a sunny Saturday this past summer we took a trip up to Napa and discovered the culinary glories that are Cochon 555 Heritage Fire. Sipping on wine from Hill Family Estate, beer from Magnolia Pub and Brewery and cocktails with Templeton Rye, guests were inspired to eat outside the box. Chef Ronnie New of Magnolia brick-fired perfectly spiced chickens, John Finks “Whole Beast” entailed a Vietnamese black pepper caramel glaze whole roasted Chinook Salmon and MC Brady Lowe (founder of Cochon555) capped off the event with some of the thickest steaks we’ve ever seen hit the grill. But it was perhaps Todd Spanier’s Whole Truffled Pig from Early Bird Farms that stole the show. Stuffed with Perigold Black Truffles and Roasted Whole, King of Mushrooms had guests swarming for seconds.

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