Scott Mason

Scott Mason is a film producer, journalist and classically trained artist who tested his chops in New York City for a decade before moving to San Francisco in 2008.

After studying fine art in New York for 5 years under his great uncle, famed artist and educator Frank Mason, he put his knowledge to the test and produced a feature length art film titled “A Light in the Dark: The Art and Life of Frank Mason”.  Conducting interviews with the former director of the Met, Thomas Hoving, and writer, Tom Wolfe, enabled Scott to gain entry into some of the most interesting art sanctuaries in the US and Europe, culminating with the church of San Giovanni de Malta in Venice, Italy.  His production team was the first crew to film in this 11th century former Knights Templar church.

In keeping with the art spirit, Scott has been an education assistant at the Met, a liaison for the art organization Art Watch international and a contributing writer for Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, The Classical City and The Bold Italic.  Scott has curated over a dozen art shows in New York and San Francisco in addition to hosting a variety of unique private and public social events.  Serving as an artist representative and art consultant has given Scott the experience necessary to advise clients on topics ranging from brand marketing strategies to direct public outreach through special events.

As an avid collaborator on underground dinners, viral media campaigns, watch dog organizations and international art movements Scott has proven his ability to work within any scope to produce effective results in getting the word out.  If it has an artistic bent, then so much the better!