Marlon Torres

Marlon Torres is an aspiring renaissance man. He is an old soul. Loves fedora hats, long coats, and cashmere scarves. He is a traditionalist and not a big fan of what they call “modern art”. He has no interest in “pop-culture” and achieves to be “timeless” with every project.

He graduated with a degree in Cinema and lives by the beach in the beautiful town of Pacifica. Away from the chaos of city living but close enough to shop for overpriced camera equipment in downtown San Francisco. He is a hopeless romantic. Reserved. A perfectionist. Sometimes a workaholic. He thinks film is dead and yes, loves the convenience of digital. He is an illustrator, filmmaker, animator, photographer, and occasional musician. He is a dibble dabbler. Look through his eyes and you’ll discover that he sees the world differently from you and I. It’s 2 stops brighter and in Technicolor. He sees “cinematically”. That is his gift. His purpose. And he loves nothing more than sharing it with the world.
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